Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time for an update

To the few faithful readers that continue to check this poorly neglected site, my apologies... and I thought you deserved an update.

We have been enjoying the summer and getting to spend time with family and friends, but being away from home and the regular routine of life has made the time seem to pass even more quickly than normal.

One of the perks of being in Missouri was getting to continue our Shakespeare tradition. The summer that Joshua and I were engaged we heard of the annual (free!) Shakespeare festival held in Kansas City. Two of our sisters were quite obliging "chaperons" and we headed up to the play.
Sadly, half way through Henry the V, the threatening clouds broke loose, the play was canceled and King Henry's soldiers were left to wander through the mud. We loved it anyway and have been up each year since...only Heidi and Becka have quit their job as chaperons.

Last year's tragic Othello was followed up this time by The Merry Wives of Windsor: a rollicking account of two faithful wives' revenge on a would-be seducer.

We've been staying at Joshua's family's house, with frequent trips made to my side of the family. My family caught the flu bug though, so we stayed away. Thinking that all was over, we headed their direction, only to get a call that the bug lived on.

When the air was finally clear, Rosalind and Kathryn were thrilled to get to see each other again.

A few days ago Joshua and were talking about this pregnancy and without thinking I said, "...last time I was pregnant with William." He's been a long time in coming. ;) Oh the power of an incorrect ultrasound!

Anyway, after going through the boy clothes I had set aside last pregnancy (which Rosalind did not wear), I found several gaps in his wardrobe and couldn't pass up the opportunity to go garage sales with my mom, the garage sale queen. :) We hit quite the jackpots!

My favorite finds were the layettes for a quarter each. I just love them the first few weeks!

Enough of this rambling for now. :)


A'yi said...

At last, a new post! I love rambling posts, especially when there are pictures.:) Thanks for thinking of us poor people who were wishing for something besides socks.;) I agree that William has been a long time in coming. I look forward to finally getting to meet him.

Melissa said...

We love hearing about your summer and seeing the pictures! Thanks for sharing. Anxious to meet little William...hope you're feeling ok and hanging in there. Anderson was born in the fall too so we lots of little boy clothes you are welcome to borrow when you get back to Tuscaloosa. We miss your family!

Jeff & Janelle said...

WOW I totally didn't even recognize Heidi! She has changed so much! Always wonderful to see pictures of you my dear cousin! You look as beautiful as ever!!! Blessings to you!!!