Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beethoven and the ABCs

I like rechargeable batteries, but learned my lesson the hard way: buy name brand. I couldn't figure out why our camera wasn't focusing or taking decent pictures lately and then realized that even the new freshly charged off-brand batteries weren't strong enough to charge the flash. Bummer.

Thanks to some Energizer batteries, here are a few pictures of the munchkins. William looks like he has something up his sleeve.

And here is a video of Rosalind and William in which Beethoven's glorious 9th symphony is unceremoniously interrupted for a toddler's recitation of her ABCs.

Beethoven and the ABCs from Anna Christensen on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Okay, now how can I stand it not to see you before Christmas?! They are absolutely adorable! Aunt Kathryn needs to get on the ball...Rosalind already knows her alphabet, and she can sure hold a tune! :) Thanks so much for sharing those darling pictures and video! Hugs and kisses, Grandma

Anonymous said...

What cutie's!
Much love,


A'yi said...

I really would have commented sooner, but with the AGC Reunion on Fri & Sat, I haven't gotten to the computer much until now. I LOVE those pictures! And that video is just darling! How do they grow up so quickly? A'yi really wants to see that little guy in person! Please give them lots of kisses from me!
Thank you for sharing pictures! Wah I neemun!

A'yi said...

I know I already left a comment, but I wanted you to know, Anna, that I stop by to look at these pictures just about every morning. It sure helps to brighten my day!

Anna said...

Awww-- you're so sweet A'yi. We can sure hardly wait 'til Christmas. :)

Rosalind is sure looking forward to seeing her Grandma and aunts-- maybe she can teach Kathryn her "ABCDEFGs" (as Rosalind refers to them)