Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who's the chubbiest of them all?

William was lying on the floor cooing while I put away laundry. Next thing I knew Rosalind had lined him up with her dollies. It looks like they're the finalist in a "cuteness" contest. I think he wins both the "chubbiest" and "cutest" contest--hands down! What do you think?

Rosalind received this adorable little kitchen for Christmas. It's a good thing the cookies she serves us are calorie free--otherwise Josh and I would have put on quite a few pounds! If she makes real cookies one tenth as often someday, her husband will be quite happy. :)

William graduated to the high chair. We managed to squeeze another chair at the table for Rosalind. It's a really good thing her cookies are calorie free!


Rebekka said...

What cuties!
I can hardly wait to see you in April!
William an Rosalind are growing so big!

Love you Sis!

Brandy said...

Great to see them here! It looks like things are going great :0)

A'yi said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I LOVE that first picture! They are all so cute and sweet! Isn't it fun watching little girls play cooking?
Wah I neemun!

Lydia said...

Oh, William is so adorable! The play kitchen that Rose got is so cute! She is so creative making cookies from her toys.

JoannaRenae said...

They are *so* beautiful, Anna! Your posts always make me so excited about getting to be a Mommy!

natalie said...

Awww, adorable! William is getting so big. :)
Love that play kitchen... how fun!

Jia Le said...

Thanks for the post, Anna. So, I was wondering... are those sticky notes on Rosalind's cupboard? And if so, is that something she gets from mommy? =)

Anna said...

Jia Li--Daddy uses post-it. I make lists. So I guess it's really a combo of both of us. :)