Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello again

How the last few weeks have flown by! I began the trip with great plans of blogging consistently but was having way too much fun doing other things. We had a delightful break spending time with family and friends, numerous rounds of Settler's of Cataan, yummy food, a wonderful Christmas, late nights, good fellowship, gas at 1.39.... and just being "home" in Missouri. :)

Settler's of Cataan. Perhaps the wisest $40 investment ever made. We played daily with my family.

My little sis and me. She just started a blog here.

I did learn one important lesson while there: take pictures with your own camera. Or, at the very least, remember to copy the thousands of awesome ones your sister-in-law took with her new camera. I ended up with two (not very flattering) pictures from the week and a half spent at Joshua's family's house... which wisdom compels me not to post. But despite the dearth of pictures, we have so many, many fun memories from the holidays.

After three weeks away I really did look forward to pulling up into our driveway, unpacking and getting back to a somewhat normal routine. Rosalind was thrilled to wake up in her own bed and spent nearly an hour walking around her room checking to make sure her books and toys were still in their place, pulling out one after another while smiling and jabbering.

It didn't take long, however, for her to walk to the front door, point to the car and say "Nonny? Hei-ee? Ro-Ro? Meee?..." We miss everyone already.


a'yi said...

I know you must have had a lot of fun even if there aren't pictures to prove it.:) But it is good to have you back where I can once again "keep up" with you. I couldn't believe we didn't get a picture of you and Rosalie and I at our house.:} Oh, well.

Johanna said...

Happy New Year, Anna! Aaron and I were away for a month in MO and FL too; we just got home yesterday.

I can identify with your homecoming gladness. But hey, I took lots of pictures. :D

Anna said...

A'yi-- me either! It's really sad. I think I only took the camera out three times the whole time we were there.

Lol Johanna--you'll have to post some pictures. ;)

Erik Hansen said...

It was so much fun having you here over the Christmas break! I'm looking forward to getting to spend more time with you over the next couple of months!