Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Puppy puzzles and kitty sounds

As I tackled the stack of shirts waiting to be ironed, Rosalind sat on the floor playing with her puppy puzzle. The first shirt done, I glanced down and stood amazed. She had already matched all the pieces. Yes, I know. It's not that big of an accomplishment, but every time before this she was flabbergasted when I attempted to show her how to match the pieces.

Silently I had begun comparing her to other little ones her age and worried that she was lagging behind.

How silly! It just hadn't clicked yet. Eventually she will learn to say "meow" not "num, num" when asked what the kitty says, begin reading, write cursive... In the long run does it really matter if she's a little behind or ahead "of schedule"? I am not called to compare her with her aunt or cousins or friends but to patiently train her and enjoy being her mommy.

However, since the puzzle was quite a breakthrough for her, I decided it did deserve a video. (She still thinks putting it away is the best part!)

Puppy Puzzle from Anna Christensen on Vimeo.


Our Family said...

She is so adorable! I love her little slippers and her ponytails! Enjoy this age, it goes by so fast as I'm sure you're learning. :)

Love and prayers to all of you,

Mrs. C

Melissa said...

What a sweet video! She is so smart to be able to do two puzzles at once. Thanks for sharing it!

Glad2bHis said...

Aw! What a great video! :)

Thanks for making another one!

Love you,

A'yi said...

I love it! Her smile at the end with the little twinkle in her eyes was priceless! Thanks for making another video.

Anna said...

I realized it had been almost two months since the last one--how time flies.

Yes, Mrs. C, she's not my baby anymore. :( But I sure do love this stage.

Very sweet Melissa. Once it finally clicked, she had no difficulty...it just took a long time to click.

Jessi said...

Oh Anna, how precious!! I cannot believe how big she's getting! And those bunny slippers? Too sweet! :)