Monday, October 5, 2009

No roaches

As I walked into our bedroom the other night to lay William down, I was just in time to see a hideous little roach scramble up the wall behind our bed.

"Darling, can you come here?"

"Is it a roach?" he asked. I didn't even scream, but I guess my voice was enough of a clue.

Before Joshua could come to my rescue, the roach crawled behind the curtain. When Joshua pulled it aside, shoe in hand, the nasty little critter dashed down and disappeared under the bed.

A cursory search under the bed failed to uncover it, so I proposed sleeping in the living room.

Joshua didn't like that idea, so he conducted a thorough investigation...

...until even I was convinced that THERE ARE NO ROACHES UNDER THE BED. Where he could have disappeared to is beyond me, but it's been two days and he's still in hiding. Roach traps are definitely top of my shopping list!


A'yi said...

I usually don't mind bugs but roaches and centipedes are two that I can't stand! I can't even stand to kill them! Ug! I understand your feelings about sleeping in another room.:) Hopefully that one got so scared that he never returns.:)

Jia Le said...

Ew! For growing up in a jungle, I still find roaches disgusting and will often seek my "knight in shining armor's" help if spiders are particularly large. Hope your problem gets solved.

Anna said...

I hope so too A'yi! :) Bugs are one area where rational thinking simple doesn't help. "He won't kill me. I'm much bigger than him..." doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Yes roaches are gross,but what I think is worse is snakes!!!