Monday, October 26, 2009

A quick visit

Joshua's parents and brothers Timothy and Jonathon came down for a quick visit this past weekend. It was way too short, but we're so glad they made it. Joshua took Dad and Timothy to hear Justice Clarence Thomas speak and watch The Tide pull a hair breadth victory over Tennessee, but Mom and Jonathon came down just to see the munchkins. :)

These wraps are awesome! Mom brought down a matching set for Rosalind and me. While baby snuggles up close you can go on a walk, wash dishes, hang out laundry or even do the ironing! Thank you Mom. :)
Someone was awfully glad to see his Uncle Jonny again! He was almost laughing.

Timothy turned eighteen on Friday and we went out for bbq to celebrate.

Rose finally warmed up to him. :)

Even though we didn't all get to watch the game, Rosalind had to show Jonny the quad... and Big Al!

Three generations. For some reason, William didn't appreciate all the picture taking and made it extremely difficult to get a good shot. Oh well!

We had such a wonderful time and miss them already.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, Anna! I'm looking forward to my turn...just not the roaches!! :) William has changed so much; how adorable!

Love you, Mama

Jia Le said...

So fun!! And I have to agree... those wraps are WONDERFUL. I have been carrying Miriam in one since she was born and she's still not too heavy because of the way they wrap around and protect your back (Although, after particularly long walks, I start to wonder how much longer I will manage! =). So comfy and easy to make... great for gifts!!

A'yi said...

What a fun visit! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time.:) I can't believe how big William is! I was getting ready to ask for a few more pictues, but things got rather busy here.:) Wah I nee! Kiss Rosalie and William for me.

natalie said...

Awww, love the matching wraps! How sweet! I'm enjoying the non stretchy wrap I made a lot... I am learning the back carries and it is so comfy and secure! And then Miriam isn't pulling up on the coffee table and knocking her head on it on the way down! *groan*

Pall Hansen said...

Aw,cute pictures Anna.

Love ya,

Anna said...

Yes, I'm just loving my wrap. After seeing you two wearing your babies I really wanted to try--and am hooked it! :)

Anna said...

Hmmm... A'yi. What have you been busy with? ;) Congratulations on your dear little nephew!