Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Away from home

As those who have spent long periods of time staying with family or friends can testify, no matter how wonderful your hosts are (Joshua's family is awesome), before too long you get a hankering for home. Your home, with your schedule, your quirks and even your own dirty dishes.

Even with such accommodating family, it is difficult to assimilate into the much faster pace of life in a house full of people. Getting "stuff" done is more of a challenge and I've been struggling with feeling frustrated.

But whether I'm at home or not, my priorities should not change. Here, as at home, my first calling is to love the Lord, then to love and honor my husband, to train, love and enjoy my little girl and care for my growing son. No matter where I am, my job is to be wife and mother. Walking worthy of that vocation is the goal. The nice long list of "projects", while delightful parts of homemaking, are not essential. They are certainly not something to stress about.

As I focus on these simple priorities, it makes it much easier to enjoy the time. Our siblings are growing up so fast and whether it's spending time together weeding the garden, sitting around chatting or just watching a movie, it's such a special chance to get to know them better.

Plus, after growing up in a big family and watching my amazing mother guide the home, I get to observe first hand a whole different way of striving for the same goal of a happy, obedient, loving children and an orderly home.

Hopefully I can glean from her wisdom. :)

Photo by Johan Desoete

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