Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Man and Wife

What a whirlwind weekend--or rather week. The trip to Colorado was both terribly long and sadly short. The hours in the van definitely seeming the longest.
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But after years of waiting, Chris and Bethany are finally married... and the family grows once again! The wedding was gorgeous and passed without a hitch. ;)

a few wedding snapshots

a family photo
We headed back to Missouri with a moving truck in tow and arrived "home" five o'clock Monday morning, only to discover that the power was out in half the house and the freezers not so very frozen. It was a late night!

The rest of Monday was spent moving and unloading the truck at our little house in Republic. One brother moved out and another in.

After catching up on some sleep, life is finally settling back into normal again. :)

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A'yi said...

Another wedding! Glad you are back in MO. That is such a sweet family picture. Wah I nee!