Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My two year old

Sometimes I simply can't get over the fact that I get to be your mommy. You are such a joy, but are growing up way too fast!

Favorite color: "Yeyow"
Favorite foods: Oatmeal, olives, green beans, broccoli and tomatoes. Once you refused a cookie because you were eating a tomato.

Interests: You love your dollies, flowers, animals (from a distance) and trucks.
Favorite song: "Jesus" (Jesus loves me)

Endearing habits: Instead of saying "I love you", you say, "Yes-a-Mama" and pull my face to yours for a kiss.
When you get your hair fixed, try on new clothes or wear your favorite outfit, you want to show Papa and ask, "Papa, pitty [pretty]?"
Favorite outfit: the apple dress

Animal sounds: You have most of them down, but insist that the horse says "yee-haw" and all elephants say "Roll Tide!"

Sweet sayings:

"Mama, hold you!"

"Dat truck....big truck...YEYOW TRUCK!"

"Baby. Boy. Wiyum!"
you say while patting my tummy. Then ask "Baby Ro-Ro tummy?"

"Cuddle Mama. Kisses?"


You are terribly afraid of the vacuum cleaner. In an attempt to overcome your fear, one night you put yourself to sleep saying "Nice 'vuum. Nice 'vuum." It didn't work.

I love you darling!

Many thanks to your Aunt Crystal for the awesome pictures!


Jia Le said...

I love this post!

Hudson also loves "yeyow". Will almost always choose fruit over sweets. Favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus." Loves anything with wheels, singing, picking and smelling herbs, sweeping the floor and going for walks. Favorite phrases: "Hi, Da-da" "Bus!!!" "Niiice" Favorite attire: Galoshes

Again, it amazes me how similarly children develop and yet remain very gender distinct. So fun. It will be even more interesting to see the differences as we both anticipate babies of the opposite sex. Thanks for the post!

Mary W. said...

Thanks so much for telling me about your blog! It'll be nice keeping up with you better from afar. Such cute pictures of Rosalind, and beautiful family photo from the wedding!! I'm happy to think of you being around here again this fall. :-)

Ruth Ueland said...

Aww... I love her favorite foods. :)

A'yi said...

Those are darling! The pictures, her favorite things, everything! What a sweetheart! Kiss her for me until I can do it myself.:)
Wah I nee, Rosalie!

Glad2bHis said...

Aw! I love the pictures! How sweet! Love you, Rose!

Aunt Heidi

Anna said...

It is amazing how similar children are! I love the fact that among all of Rosalind's girlish delights, she is *fascinated* with trucks.

A. Victoria said...

I love it! This is a great post. I love all the little saying and cute things. Thanks for sharing with us all. :)

Lydia said...

I love those pictures!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I did not know I was posting as Lydia.


Jeff & Janelle said...

Awwwwwwwww she is just the most beautiful little angel and I just LOVE how organized you are with everything! You have to be one of the best mothers and wives I know of! Seriously a HUGE example to this crazy cousin of yours!!! Love and miss you and praying for you!!! I LOVE reading your posts and want to just comment on every one, but try to resist or else my comments won't be as special! hehe xxx