Friday, February 12, 2010

Memory and memories

Playing your first real, bona fide, "I can beat Mommy" game is quite a milestone. Rosalind just reached it. For the last couple weeks, Memory has formed a vital part of our daily routine.

And it's been so fun! Learning the rules took practice, but she's hooked now. Generally, she excels the first round (and does sometimes actually beat me "when I'm playing my hardest") As her attention span wanes with the second round, I win handily. Then we stop. A two year old can only handle so much.

I'm envisioning hours of family fun around a Scrabble board or playing Settlers of Cataan. Someday. For now, I'm loving Memory!

William is cutting his second tooth, but is such a chilled out trooper. At least most of the time. He mastered the art of squeaking yesterday, and regaled me with his happy noise from midnight to one last night. Accompanied by fingers scratching the sheets. (For those unaccustomed to this latter sound, it's frightfully near running your nails across a chalkboard.)

I cut his fingernails tonight.

They grow up way to fast! Enjoy each moment--even the squeaky ones!


A'yi said...

I can't believe how bit Rosalie is getting! Playing memory and winning.:)
As for that young man, he is big! How is it, Anna, that each of your children have reminded me of China dolls? With William it is the way his hair is growing.
I love the pictures!

natalie said...

Oh, how FUN! I loved that game when I was little. :)

LOL at the squeaking... Miriam has been making this weird inhaling shrieky sound for the past few days... I guess we just have to experiment with every kind of sound, right? :)

candace said...

Anna, my girls love their memory game too. Although Ellie, who has incredible observation skills and memory always wins - and quite handily too. Last time we played she got 12 pairs to Sophia's 3 (1 of which was a sympathy pair). Zac and I look forward to family game night with the girls too!

Joanna Renae said...

Too cute!! They're wonderful...

I can't wait...

Thanks for the advice on the duplex! ;) Quinn pointed out that we should try to find one with the garages in the middle instead of on the outside... but I'm still hoping for a house! If we could find one in a good location then that'd be awesome.

Jia Le said...

I chuckled reading this as I've laid awake more than once listening to Miriam running her fingers across the mesh on her pack-n-play. =) I wish she only squeaked though. I have a shrieker on my hands with this one!

Love you.