Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Proud owners of a "new" van...

...which we have never seen!

Here's a picture. Isn't it cute? I can still hardly believe that we have a van. It all happened so quickly.

I woke up Monday morning with van shopping in the distant future. By Tuesday afternoon, the title was signed.

My not-so-little little brother Philip was searching Craigslist for a car for my less-little brother Erik, when he stumbled upon this well maintained '98 Toyota Sienna for $2000. That is a lot less than what they normally sell for, so he told my Mom, who called me, who waited for Josh to get home from school so she could tell him.

We were contemplating purchasing a bigger vehicle when William was born (Honda Civics aren't exactly family cars) but didn't have the money to do so and decided just to make it work.

Since then we'd been slowly setting aside money from Christmas gifts and various unexpected sources of income towards a van. We hoped to have enough by the time God blesses us with another child. [I'm convinced that three car seats will not fit in a two-door Civic, and Joshua does not want to part with it until it dies...even then, we might keep it just for memory's sake. ;)]

Anyway, we had a decent amount set aside, but weren't there yet. I thought we might be able to make it work, but could not decide if we should just wait. After several agonizing hours of talking and praying and thinking about it (and still not knowing what to do), my Mom called saying that the decision wasn't ours anymore. They and Joshua's parents were going to pitch in the rest for us. I was shocked and overwhelmed and so excited!

Within three hours, the title was signed and now I'm eagerly waiting to actually get to see and drive our very own van. :) I can still hardly believe it.

Thank you so much!

*Joshua is picking it up in two weeks.


Johanna said...

Aww, that's a huge blessing! :)

A'yi said...

How very exciting! No more squashing! Isn't God good?

Anonymous said...

God is so good! - Hannah Cass

natalie said...

Yay! Love how that worked out. God is so good to take care of things in ways we never would have expected!

Brandy said...

Yipee! I remember when we upgraded from a Buick to a "new-to-us" van. Jeremy's dad did the shopping for us and so I did not see it before either. I can totally appreciate how excited you are...you'll have TONS of room! I am so happy for you all :0)

Jia Le said...

Oh, how wonderful! I'm thrilled for you guys.