Friday, February 5, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

or Incredibly Random Ramblings

I love shopping in the South. My first friend in Tuscaloosa was a cashier at Walgreens. We had just moved. Rosalind and I were finishing up our shopping trip when sheets of rain and pangs of homesickness hit simultaneously. The rain was coming down so hard we were forced to pace the aisles.

And then we met Brenda. She caught Rosalind's attention and her little eyes vanished in a smile. They played peek-a-boo around a big half-unpacked box and then we got talking. Since then, I've planned my Walgreen's trips for the morning, when she works.

But it's not just a single cashier that makes shopping enjoyable. Only the staff of the south side Wal-mart blot the general friendliness of my fellow shoppers.

Older men offer to help you load the trunk ("seeing as you have your hands full") and you know they're being gentlemen, not creeps. They leave with admonitions to "enjoy each day. Mine are in college."

The only thing I missed (shopping-wise) was Aldi. It only just dawned on me that there's one between here and Birmingham. If Google's directions had been accurate it wouldn't have taken more than forty minutes to get there. As it was...well. I got thoroughly acquainted with many streets that didn't house an Aldi.

When I finally found it, I went a bit overboard. But apples and oranges for 33 cents a pound and (deliciously sweet and juicy) pineapple for a dollar were too good not to fill up the cart with. By the time I pushed the 150 pound cart to the car (not to mention the twenty pound baby) and unloaded it, I wanted a chiropractor.

To continue the randomness (for anyone who happens to still be reading) I decided that reading about the health benefits of sourdough from half a dozen different sources in a month was enough encouragement to actually try it.

The starter bubbled and grew and smells delightful. It's been almost a month and I still haven't killed it, though I've yet to find a bread recipe I adore. Sourdough pancakes though? They're worth making a starter for!

It has been said (about law school, not sourdough starter) that "the first year they scare you to death, the second year they work you to death and the third year they bore you to death." So far, the second year prognostication is true. (I wouldn't mind him being bored next year.) He is going with a team next weekend for a Trial Ad competition. At this point, I'm rooting for them... to loose. :)

Actually, the ideal would be for them to go all the way to the finals of these rounds, do so well that everyone is convinced they should have won, and, due to marked favoritism, place third....thus avoiding another month and a half of around the clock practice. I think that's asking for too much.


A'yi said...

I must say it was fun to read your ramblings.:) Some day I want to make it down South. I mean I've been to TX, but never anywhere else. It looks like William is going to be another "make friends with anyone" little person.:) I met a little guy like that at a restaurant once. He was so busy flirting with me that his mom had trouble getting him to eat.:) Now you got me rambling.:)

Brandy said...

I liked reading it too! Glad to hear all is well, but it IS a bummer that you don't get to see more of your hubby. This too shall pass! At least you have some really cute and cuddly little ones to keep you company :0)