Wednesday, August 13, 2008


If there were one household duty I would gladly resign, it would be ironing. But since entrusting a one year old with a hot iron probably isn't such a brilliant idea, I think I'm stuck with the job. :) ***

But that's one of the reasons I
love modern technology. While steadily conquering that pile of clothes, there are so many wonderful free things to listen to.
Volunteers from around the world have combined forces to provide free audio versions of numerous works in the public domain. Recordings range from poetry and fiction to politics and science. Since done completely on a volunteer basis there is a wide range of recording quality, but I have been able to listen to many books that I just haven't had time to read: like Homer's Iliad, Psmith in the City by P.G. Wodehouse, Austen's Emma and Joshua's recording of the Ballad of the White horse.

Plus, if you have a microphone (even the one on the computer will work) you can add to the collection...

Lectures- There is just so much wonderful information on the web! Currently I am listening to Steve Wilkin's series on church history: an area I really want to study. And though I don't agree with everything in them, I have greatly enjoyed Peter Kreeft's lectures.

Teaching Company Lectures- This company has made some of the finest professors from the most distinguished schools available to all of us. The topics range from literature to calculus to the history of the Supreme Court.

My favorite lectures are by Timothy Taylor on Economics. Yeah, I know, supposedly a rather dry topic; but he made it so interesting that even my 8 and 11 year old siblings were begging to dry dishes so they could finish the lecture...that's pretty impressive! (These are pretty expensive but many local libraries have a huge collection.) This site is amazing: customizable radio at your fingertips. You just create an account and pick the genre of music you want played. Then, as you listen rate the songs with a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" and voila! it generates more selections similar to what you like.

Sermons- There are several
sites that have compiled sermons like sermonindex and sermonaudio. Many churches have their own websites as well that allow you to download the weekly message. Since moving we've had our own Sunday evening service with messages from our home church.

And of course, there are Podcasts on just about every imaginable topic from grammar tips to "all things baby".

These are just a few of the things I've found make ironing (and other household duties of course) so much more enjoyable.

*** Well OK...confession here. Since the move (when all of the nicely ironed clothes got so wrinkly) Joshua has been getting up and ironing. But since he doesn't need to be worrying about getting his clothes de-wrinkled while franticly finishing the last edit of a paper, I'd say I should go tackle that closet full of wrinkly clothes... :)


A'yi said...

I agree that listening to something is a great way to get through the ironing. Though I do like to iron.:) Wish I could come do it for you.:)

Anna Christensen said... too! I miss you and look forward to seeing you in just two weeks. Hurrah! :)