Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Settlin' in....

Our little sunshine

It is as hot as we were warned down here. Just a few minutes outside and you are dripping with sweat. But other than that (and really missing everyone) we like it in Alabama.

The move down went well. Joshua's parents and Becca, Timmy, Sammy and Heidi made the long trip with us. (Alas, I don't have pictures yet! ) I was shocked at how quickly they helped us get settled and start turning our little house into a home--besides making it all much more enjoyable. Thank you! We miss you dreadfully already...

We've kept busy the last few days scrubbing, unpacking, fixing, arranging things, rearranging them and settlin' in.

Joshua making garden boxes for me

Rosalind loves helping Pappa

Organizing the bookshelf
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Heidi said...

Hey there!

I have really enjoyed looking at your blog!!! What great pictures. Look forward to seeing you soon! :)