Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One of Those Nights...

Last night was one of those nights. You know, the ones that really are good for you, but you would prefer not having.

Moving was difficult for me, but much more so on little Rosalind. I at least know why we were transplanted into a strange place but she just woke up one morning in a new house.

During the night she seems to notice the difference the most and over the past week has been waking up multiple times just needing to be reassured that we are here. Last night was especially rough. She got up three...four...five times and then woke up two hours earlier than usual and just wouldn't go back to sleep.

So, I got up groggily and she helped me make breakfast, wave good-bye to Josh (as he left for his first day of school!!) and before too long she was ready for a nap.

Though I would love for them to become less frequent soon, I know tired mornings like this are good for me. For, they make me realize that I just can't do this mothering thing in my own strength. I must rely upon God for patience with my sweet little girl.

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