Friday, December 19, 2008

A bad idea

Yesterday, after a leisurely morning, we sat down in the living room for a late brunch. While Joshua and I talked and laughed, Rosalind wiggled her way off the couch and spied the espresso. Before I noticed, she was chugging it down.

I didn't think that much of it and we finished eating and got ready to go to Missouri for Christmas. It was three before we finally headed out and I thought she'd be sound asleep by the time we reached the outskirts of town.

But no, she was still munching on crackers as we left it behind. Half an hour later she began the sock game: Pull off your socks, hand them to Mama and innocently say "sawk?" while pointing to your wiggling toes.

I put them back on, gave her a drink and told her it was time to take a nap.

"Ni- night," she said, nodding her head sagaciously and clasping her dolly. I turned around and settled back in. A minute later a little voice said "sawk?"

Thus continued the afternoon. It wasn't until almost 5:00 that I remembered, "She had COFFEE!"

By 9:00, when she finally succumbed to sleep, I had learned a valuable lesson: long car rides, babies and coffee do not mix well.


Lydia said...

I bet that was hard to have a baby on a long trip that did not go to bed until 9:00 pm! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL--in hindsight of course! I'm sure it wasn't that funny trying to get her to sleep.

I'm wondering if the espresso kept you and Josh awake enough to study and record and drive to MO?

Mrs. Hardin

Rebekka said...

That must have been HARD getting "Ro-Ro" to sleep that night! :)

Well better go...........
.............ttfn :)