Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey and more turkey :)

A couple weeks ago I was at a friend's home for a play day. While the children covered themselves in (edible) finger paints, my eyes kept getting drawn to her fridge. Or rather, the menu planner hanging on the fridge.

It was so cute, so simple and so tidy. I'd been wanting to get a dry erase board to hang on the fridge for a while and kept putting it off. But really, this was just too cute and I found myself really wanting one.

"I just love your menu planner Shawanna," I finally said, "Where did you get it?"

"Oh, it was a dollar at Wal-mart..."

So guess what's hanging on my fridge now. ;)

Last Wednesday I finally went in to the store to pick up the turkey. The sale turkeys were all gone and the only ones left at a reasonable price per pound were massive--like 30 to 40 pounds each. Besides the fact that it wouldn't have even fit in our oven, can you imagine how long we'd be eating turkey?

But Rosalind had made friends with one of the stockers (shopping with a baby really does have it's advantages) and he had pity on our family of three. After a few minutes talking to the butcher, he emerged with the smallest turkey they could find... and gave it to us at the sales price. :)

But it was still fifteen pounds... so I think we'll be eating a lot of turkey from now 'til Christmas. Anyone have any great recipes for using up leftover turkey?

check out more menu plans here.


Linda said...

Great idea!! I will have to look and see if our Wal-marts has them

Candace said...

That is cute Anna! I always have a lined-crumpled up piece of paper with a free-hand chart with my menu hanging on the fridge. I'm going to have to remember this next time I'm at wally world.

a'yi said...

Turkey and more turkey! I know the feeling. Umm, cut some of it up, bag it by cups and freeze it. Then you can use it in recipies instead of chicken. We have done that before. Just an idea. Aren't you glad it wasn't a 40# one.:)