Saturday, November 29, 2008

So many things

How this weekend has flown past! With exams coming up this next week, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving at home, just the three of us. After growing up with the at least a dozen or two gathered 'round the table celebrating and feasting, it was strange loading up three plates.

Thought we barely made a dent in the turkey, and really missed family back in Missouri, it was delightful just spending the day together. Over and over I was reminded of how much I have to be grateful for.

  • For fresh mercies each morning. For God engraving my name on His hand. For His compassion which is like an earthly father's toward his child, yet even more patient and overwhelming.
  • Getting to watch my little girl with her father. Papa was certainly the highlight of the holiday for Rosalind. All day she dragged out book after book for him to read. He, I'm sure, got his fill of "There's a Woset in my Closet"... the 20th time reading it in a record 1 minute 15 1/2 seconds. ;) After feasting, she cuddled up in his arms for a nap and soon they were both sound asleep. I'm so grateful my little girl has such a wonderful Papa.
  • ...and that I get to be his wife. For the way he comes into the kitchen just as the gravy is thickening and puts his arms around me, telling me he loves me. And then that he'll listen to a forty minute long illustration from the lives of Catherine de Medici and Henry of Navarre and still love me. ;)
  • A few fallen kernels of corn brought to mind the first winter the pilgrims spent in Plymouth when the daily rations dropped to just five kernels of corn. Truly there was great cause for thanksgiving the following year when the tables were weighted with food. And what great cause I have for thanksgiving for God's constant provision for us...
I have so so many things to be grateful for. God has been so abundantly good to me.

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a'yi said...

It sounds like a nice quiet yet wonderful Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see you all!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anna, for the reminder of how blessed we are!!!

Love you!