Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Working together...

The make your home a haven challenge has been such a blessing!

After a wonderful nights' rest, we got up at six for breakfast together before Joshua left for school. Then Rosalind went back to bed for some quiet play time in her crib. While she looked at books and talked to her dolly, I read from the Psalms, made a plan for the day and got a bit of writing done.

About an hour later, a very happy little girl awaited me. (She wasn't just happy to get out of the crib, the time alone does wonders for her attitude. :)

Then we set to work cleaning some of those things that I just keep putting off. Like windows and the front porch. Something about knowing that no matter how hard I scrub, the porch is still not going to look really clean with pieces of the fifth layer of paint peeling off the floor makes it a bit harder to be motivated. But I know there is quite a bit of dirt that will come off...

Don't worry, it's not been used yet!
My precious little helper!

As we were finishing cleaning the porch, a neighbor friend invited Rosalind over to play with her cat. And she said you could tell a difference even from across the street. I didn't know it was that bad, but at least it looks better.

Just as we got cleaned up from cleaning the porch, my friend Candace called to see if she could drop something off that I'd left at her house... and we talked her into staying for a little while.
I just love spontaneous get-togethers!

It would have felt like a nice British dropping-in-for-tea time, except we sat on the floor reading funny kid's books and didn't have any tea. But we had a good time anyway. Not only do I love talking to Candace, but as a mommy I just loved watching the little girls playing, interacting and learning patience and kindness.
When Rosalind got up from her nap, we tackled the office area.

Then it was time to make dinner. The kitchen floor will just have to wait. :)


a'yi said...

What a good helper you are, Rosalie! You helped Mommy get a lot of cleaning done, and I'm sure it was more fun for her too.:)

Candace said...

Coming over for an impromptu visit was the highlight of our day! Thanks for being so gracious and spontaneous!

Anonymous said...

What a little BLUEBERRY! She's just a sweetie pie! She's such a good helper! Tell her i love her,please!

Anonymous said...

I love her smiles!

Anna said...

Yes! I have such a sweet little helper.

We'll definitely have to do it again soon Candace! :)