Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Endings...

As the polls close this evening and the results begin trickling in, nearly half of the population will bewail the results...and in another year, perhaps more.

Walking home from the election booth, the weight of the election weighed heavily on me. We are already in such a mess. What will the coming years bring?

But reflecting on our nation's history and of the church brings such hope. Turning the pages, time and again God's hand is evident, guiding the story and bringing happy endings out of truly awful situations.

Once again, I am reminded to trust God. No matter who is elected Mr. President, God's throne is not endangered.


Candace said...

Amen, such wisdom from such a young lady! Thanks for the reminder, Anna! I hope your week is going well!

Anonymous said...

Good post, Anna! Thanks for the great reminder... God still sits on His throne as King of the Universe!

Love you, and look forward to seeing you next month!


a'yi said...

I keep singing the song "Because He Lives." How true it all is.
"Because He lives, I CAN face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear IS gone. Because I know who holds the future, and life IS worth the living just because HE lives."