Monday, October 20, 2008

In God We Trust

"In God We Trust. It is the choicest compliment that has ever been paid us, and the most gratifying to our feelings. It is simple, direct, gracefully phrased; it always sounds well -- In God We Trust. I don't believe it would sound any better if it were true."
-attributed to Mark Twain

With elections in our country just around the corner and the economy enjoying some time on the roller coasters, this cynical yet humorous quip was a timely reminder for me.

As November 4th fast approaches, it is easy to get caught up in the political furor and worry about the fate of our country if the right candidate isn't elected. Will America be plunged deeper into a recession? What judges will be put in place? [*shudder*] Will the war ever end? What will be the fate of marriage? Is their any area Big Brother won't seek to control?

The list goes on and on. Honestly, the platforms of both Obama and McCain trouble me and if our trust were in the president of America it would truly be a frightening time. Looking into my little girl's eyes, I wonder what this country will be like when it's her turn to raise children.

Yet even the King's heart is in God's hands and He rules over the affairs of men. As George Washington's mother told him when he departed home to serve this country "Remember that God is our only sure trust. To Him, I commend you." Though action is a duty, until we can truly say once again "In God we trust" any gains made will be fleeting.

photo by kgdsgn


a'yi said...

You are right, Anna. Only in the LORD can we have peace in this time. It is so wonderful to be able to rest in knowing that HE will put the one HE wants in office.

Caleb and Rachel said...

I agree with you, both platforms trouble me as well, and I wish we had another choice.
I have really enjoyed reading your blog about your little girl, she is so beautiful! My little boy Noah (14 months) has gotten into the same routine of waking up early (4:30, 5) and being ready to conquer the world rather than let his sleepy parents sleep for another hour. This morning I tried to get him back to sleep, but to no avail, we shall keep on trying! :-) Blessings!