Saturday, October 4, 2008

Goofing off...

The trip up to Missouri was long, but good. Rosalind sat in her car seat for almost ten hours and fussed for perhaps 15 minutes. I was getting tired of sitting, but how could I complain when she was being such an angel?!

We arrived at my family's house about 10 last night and stayed up quite late talking. Rosalind had a great time in the morning with her aunts and uncles. Here she is goofing off with her Aunt Kathryn!


Anonymous said...

It was SO GREAT to be with you all for a short weekend! :)

Love you!

a'yi said...

How cute! I could tell Rosalie loves her aunts and uncles.:) I think they love her too.:) I look forward to seeing lots of pictures.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh,Anna,they are adorable!
Love you all!