Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'm envisioning a time in the not very distant future when I won't be scrapbooking alone...

This little chick already loves pouring over the pictures in our family scrapbooks. While I worked on new pages, she spent a happy hour pulling scrapbooks off the shelf one by one and flipping through the pages-- which are nearly as big as she is. ;)

All the while she kept up an animated stream of commentary, but unfortunately, I am still not very fluent in baby talk. But the main ideas seemed to be that she misses family and friends... and wants me to teach her how to scrapbook soon.

Not only is it such a fun, relaxing hobby but watching her enthusiasm made me glad to have so many memories treasured away.

Anyway, here are a couple of the newest pages this week.

I just love it when you find paper that matches the pictures perfectly--it makes putting a page together much quicker business. These are a few pictures from the move... the other half made it into someone's hands (won't mention any names ;) and soon little red smudges appeared all over them.


a'yi said...

Those are just darling! I saw the first picture, and started oohing over it.:) (if that is even a word):) I got almost four pages done today.:)

Anonymous said...

Anna Those are adorable!!I hope I can scrapbook that well when I'm older:)

See ya in about a month and a half!


Anonymous said...

Oh Anna! You are amazing! "The Girls" page is so cute with the flowers and pictures and the other page with Rose is absolutely adorable!

Well I'll see you in December!!

Tell Josh and Rose hi for me.:)

Love you all,