Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a few more...

The happy couple getting ready to head out...

Joshua and Mac-- the oldest and youngest of the Christensen kids. :)

The Hansen clan. :) I have such a wonderful family!

Rosalind with Nonny and Grandma. Don't they look way too young to have grandchildren?!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I like all the pictures that you posted from your time here!
The pictures of the Christensen clan is amazingly huge. :) How wonderful!

Thanks for keeping your blog so well updated. I think it's the funnest personal blog I've ever gotten on!


Anna said...

Well my dear little sis, I'm afraid you're just a bit biased. ;) But thank you anyway. It was awesome getting to see you!

a'yi said...

I also like all those pictures! I think the one of Rosalie with her two grandmas is darling! So is the picture of Josh and Mac.:)

I also like how you keep us updated on your life.:) Thanks!:)

Anonymous said...

Anna you are so fast at getting more pictures on:)They are really pretty:)

Love you!