Saturday, November 8, 2008

Christmas shopping: continued

I just love this whole shopping early for Christmas thing. Each day as the mailman comes, there's the hope that a Christmas gift will have arrived. But no fear it won't get here in time. :)

After making out a list of who we're getting gifts for, brainstorming for ideas and getting a workable budget in place, the fun part begins:

  • working on handmade gifts
  • scouring the internet for good prices
  • watching the local ads for sales
Which is just one of the many reasons why earlier is better! No more last minute rush shipping fees. Instead there's time to get good deals and hopefully end up with better, more thoughtful gifts in the end.

It may seem like it's just dragging out the consumerism, but I don't think so. This year I hope to have all the shopping done by the first of December. Finishing the shopping early will make the weeks leading up to Christmas peaceful and relaxed, especially since I'm not a "good shopper". Instead of last minute dashes into town, I can focus on family, friends and the true Reason for celebration.

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a'yi said...

I am ready to get busy with Christmas gifts, music, etc.:) I still only have one Christmas gift started.:)