Wednesday, December 17, 2008

St. Bartholomew's Eve

Life has been pretty crazy around here the last week or so. During Joshua's late nights of studying, I've been busy recording, finishing Christmas crafts, writing (though not for the blog, as you may have noticed) and intensely longing for Wednesday to pass and usher in the Christmas break.

After a desperate battle with the trains and planes and passing traffic for a little bit of quiet, I finally finished recording Henty's St. Bartholomew's Eve for Librivox.

Though Henty is hailed as "the boy's own storyteller", I loved his stories growing up. I vividly remember doing a paper route with my siblings one summer years ago and pooling our earnings to buy a set of G. A. Henty’s adventure stories. When the box arrived, we gathered gleefully around and spent hours brainstorming and trading, trying to divvy them up evenly. This memory made me want to record one of his books.

As long as you don't expect anything spectacular, here's a link. And if you're not in the mood for a "predicatable historical boy's adventure story" ;), Librivox has a huge selection of other recordings here.

photo by Claudia

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Lydia said...

That is beautiful!