Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bits of paper and red plastic blocks

Before leaving Missouri, Tuesday was named "Scrapbooking Day" at the Christensens. Every couple weeks Rosalind and I headed over to spend the day creating scrapbook pages, talking and enjoying time as family.

I miss it. I miss chatting for hours about everything under the sun while having Rosalind happily entertained by aunts and uncles and getting to copy Crystal's great ideas. There's something so special about working on projects together.

But my brother Erik gave me an awesome scrapbook idea book for my birthday. And since we can't get together with family, it inspired me to declare today my own scrapbook day.

I began with visions of whipping out the pages as my mind brimmed over with creative ideas.

Yeah, well... I did get the pictures out and thumbed through the book. Then I read to Rosalind and made lunch. Then Rose played with the buttons as I tried to get the page laid out. Then we played with her blocks...

At long last I finished one page.

Just one. But Rosalind is happy and didn't swallow a single button--which is the real accomplishment of the day. :)


a'yi said...

That is a darling page, Anna. I did some scrapbooking today too.:) I got a little more than a page done, but it wasn't as cute as yours.:) I was scrapbooking from the year 1912. Just think, before long, Rosalie will be able to "help" you even more.:)

Anna said...

How fun. So I wasn't alone. :) Just wish I could see your pages...I'm sure they're simply adorable! And from 1912--how cool!

Candace said...

Very nice Anna! So funny about Rosalind!

Anonymous said...

I never saw these pages until just now! How adorable! That is so funny about Rosie!