Monday, September 1, 2008

"Home" for a visit: Part I

A couple weeks ago, my beloved surprised me with a ticket to go "home" to visit family and friends. Thursday afternoon Rosalind and I met Joshua at Law School for lunch and to say good-bye before flying back to Missouri for five whole days!

Then we headed to the airport. After eventually finding the terminal, getting through security [What? My belt has too much metal on it?!"] and lugging a baby through the airport, we settled into the airplane.

The flight was wonderful. Rosalind laughed the whole take off and not only delighted me, but those around us as well.

As we landed, the aunts and Uncle Philip made a wild dash for Rosalind-- who was thrilled to see all the familiar faces again.

Aunt Lydia, Uncle Philip & Rosalind

My little sis & me

After spending a bit of time with my family, we headed over to Joshua's family's home. It was late when we arrived and the next morning, Rosalind had received a royal welcome.

Daniel, Mac, Rosalind & Aunt Hannah


Anonymous said...

Dearest Anna,

How delightful to have you home for a few very short days!! Your dear husband blessed us all by sending you! You and "Rosie" are greatly missed, but we have many wonderful memories and pictures to last us the 32 days until we see you again...this time with Josh! :) And since it is the 3rd (2 a.m.), Happy Birthday!!

Much love from Papa and Mama

Jo said...

Hey Anna, happy birthday!! :-)

a'yi said...

Jew nee shung ir kwie luh!:) Is that how we spelled it?:} It was so wonderful seeing you and Rosalie! Love you!