Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Never put off 'til tomorrow...

"Never put off 'til tomorrow, what you can delay 'til next week". Years ago I saw this quip on a set of sticky notes and it still brings a smile when I think of it. But though humorously put, it does hit a note I'm really trying to work on.

Procrastination. It's so easy for me to tidy the house and get dinner going, thinking, "oh...I'll make that call after I'm done." But by the time I'm finished, it's past five. "Too late, oh well, I'll call tomorrow." And tomorrow repeats the scenario.

So this morning I decided to tackle those long procrastinated calls first thing. Though it took even longer than I'd expected on the phone, it is exhilarating to be able to finally cross it off my list.

That done it was time for some crafting. After such a fun time last week, I decided to declare Tuesday my craft day and have been looking forward to pulling out the paper and pictures all week.

Last time I made just one page, this morning I finished two. If I follow the pattern, in a couple months I'll be doing pretty good, huh?

I love these color washed pictures from Rosalind's first birthday, especially since most of our families are in them. She loved looking at her aunts, uncles and cousins as I figured out the layout. Much of her baby book is pink, so I decided to go with a green background and just add the pink as accent.

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a'yi said...

How cute. I'm not scrapbooking today as I'm not at home. But, most weeks I do scrapbook on Tuesdays. So you'll have some company.:)

Richelle said...

Those are cute pages!

Anonymous said...

Great pages! And good job getting all those calls in.

Mary said...

Mostly, though, I wanted to comment and tell you how very much I enjoy your blog and keeping up with your life this way!
The next time I edit my "Favorite Blogs and Sites" list on my blog (we-would-see-jesus.blogspot.com), I'll add yours!
Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

What pretty colors you chose!