Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shopping and a menu plan

Shopping. Some love it. Some don't. Rosalind is one of the former. The moment she spots my purse within reach she immediately puts it around her neck "like a big girl" and grins as she toddles to the door.

Having a baby totally changes shopping. Not only do you have to add in the extra time getting them in and out of the car, but also the moments they spend giving grins to fellow shoppers and the store's employees. I love the way even such a little munchkin can brighten another's day. Rosalind already has "shopping friends". :)

It's a good thing she enjoys it (for the most part at least) 'cause shopping at new stores in a new town has taken some getting used to. Before moving we only went "real" shopping monthly and then made quick trips to the stores within walking distance to get milk, veggies...

Since moving and experiencing a bit of sticker shock, we've been in and out of several stores a week grabbing great deals found on Crystal's blog and trying to make up for loosing Aldi by shopping the store ads.

Much as Rosalind may like it, I've found it quite exhausting and know it's time to change plans. So, I'm going start shopping every other week and just getting the essential perishables (and any can't pass up deals) in between. I'm looking forward to no "real" shopping next week!

Anyway, here is our menu plan for the week.


Granola with homemade yogurt
Cinnamon rolls and fruit
Eggs and toast
Banana nut muffins


Sunday- Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls and salad

Monday- Gayle's Nacho casserole

Tuesday- Chicken pot pie

Wednesday- Sour cream chili bake with salad

Thursday- Pumpkin pasta (from my new friend Candace) with homemade bread and steamed veggies.

Friday- Western burgers - yum!

Saturday- Stuffed zucchini- a family favorite!

After a meeting at school yesterday, the students were asked to please bring food home. So Joshua brought back dessert for the week. :)

Check out more menu plans here.


a'yi said...

I am sure that many a day has been brighted because of that cheerful little shopper.:) That little girlie spreads sunshine where ever she goes!
Give her a kiss for me.
See you soon.:)

Anonymous said...

What a little blueberry! :) She is such a bundle of happiness, and it will be fun to hold her soon. And to see her wonderful parents, too!

The dessert looks good! Yeah for canteloupe! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Rosie,I miss you so much.
I look foreword to seeing you soon.
I love you .

P.S. from Heidi- I thought it would be cute to leave a seven-year old's spelling of "forward". :)

Anna said...

Yes, she's a delightful little bluebery. ;) I'll be sure and give her lots of kisses when she gets up.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!she's a doll.:)I miss you all so much.I miss your sweet face to brighten me up.:)

I love you all so much!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Kathryn gets so excited every time she sees a new picture of "Roro" :). We are all so looking forward to seeing her and you again! Thanks for the fun new lentil nacho recipe. We're going to try it this week.

Love you,