Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Home" for a visit: Part IV

In the middle of a game of Boggle.

Family time at my parent's home means: Late night talks. Competitive word games. Long walks that take at least half an hour to prepare for. Singing hymns. Massaging each other. Chess matches that I'm sure to loose. Lots of laughs. Yummy food. Music.

Having two toddlers running around made it exciting. Just five months before Rosalind's birth, her aunt Kathryn was born. Though I wish I could be more involved as my little sister grows up and often feel more like her aunt than sister, it is so sweet watching two generations growing up side by side. Already they are such good friends and love looking at books, playing on the swings, running around outside together and carrying on quite animated "conversations".

All the girls!

At the piano again, helping U. Kristian

Altogether we had a wonderful time in Missouri, but going back home to Joshua was even better.


a'yi said...

I just love the picture of all you girls!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun:)
~JO U.