Thursday, September 18, 2008

Movie time

Well okay, not really. Just a Rosalind clip.

On Sunday afternoons, Joshua likes taking his girls to a park a few miles away. Surrounded by a large grassy lawn and massive trees there is a lovely fountain for children to play in. On our first few trips over, Rosalind wanted nothing to do with the water. She might touch it with the tip of her finger, that was it.

This last time though, she figured out how to soak Papa and was soon thoroughly doused herself... and having a great time.

Fun in the Water from Anna Christensen on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

How priceless! And the music sounded great as well! :)

I look forward to seeing you in less than 3 weeks! Wow, I forgot that Joshua no longer has a beard. ;)

a'yi said...

Adorable!!!! That looks like so much fun! All three of you seem to be enjoying yourselves.:) Even if you are rather wet.;)

Candace said...

That looks like fun! Where is this park? I will have to take the girls there sometime before it gets cold.

Miriam said...

So cute! And fun, too!

Pall Hansen said...

What a darling little princess! That looked like so much fun, and she seemed to thouroughly enjoy herself. So looking forward to seeing you all in less than 2 weeks!