Thursday, April 9, 2009

The good, the fun and the depressing

It's been so fun to finally feel like being on the computer again, blogging and enjoying other blogs. :)

A child's lesson: How often little children are the best teachers! A dear cousin recently started a blog and her beautiful post about the child's lesson on faith is so encouraging. You should definitely check it out!

Tedious motherhood: Though I'm certainly not worried about having to put Rosalind on any of the medications she discusses this article was really timely encouragement. It's so worth all the time training takes now!

Just for fun: After weeks of being so tired that I hardly felt like getting dressed, let alone experimenting with creative ways to fix my hair, this blog has been such a good reminder. Not only as a daughter of the King, but as a wife, it is so important to put more effort into looking pretty and feminine. So today I've started trying out some of these super simple, but really cute hairstyles. Of course it took me nearly five times longer than what they said...but I will get faster, right?

Politics....grrrr: Do you ever find you just about can't handle "the news" anymore? I thought this article especially disturbing.

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