Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Procrastination: "Green Edition"

cards from last week's "No Procrastination Wednesday"

"Green" and "carbon neutral" products are such a fad these days that it's hard to walk down the street without some reminder to recycle, be carbon neutral, buy earth-friendly products or even invest in reusable toilet paper that you can bleach. (wasn't bleach the ultimate evil a few years ago?)

As a Christian I am glad for the concern for the world God created, but the extreme frenzy made over the newest ideas can be ridiculous. A few decades ago people feared a global cooling! How much of the hype is a money making operation, I wonder? For example, have you noticed that recycled paper costs more now than regular because it's recycled?

As pointed out
We all know how trendy “green” and “eco-friendly” products are these days. What makes me chuckle is how most people think these can only be acquired by large expenditures of cash — like the more you spend, the more environmentally responsible you are. (see full article here)

While being good stewards is vital, God gave placed man on earth to enjoy and take dominion over it. Today people are often considered the problem and we aren't protecting the animals enough.

Several years ago, a news article came out about the Faroe Islands, my tiny homeland, advocating boycotting their exports because they kill whales.

Yep, they kill whales. Not only that, they eat them. And like eating them.

Whale killings are a part of the culture and heritage. But it is not killing for sport. Rather, when whales are spotted in a harbor, the men of the town gather together to help catch them. The village congregates and when the whales are killed they are divided and distributed among those that helped and those who couldn't help. It's not just a sport. It's a way for the community to work together, provide for themselves and help out those who need it. (I believe the instigators of the boycott later realized that they were mistaken since the whales we eat were not of the endangered kind. But that is beyond the point.)

I do desire to take care of the earth, not for the sake of mice in California, but because God has given this beautiful world for us to take dominion over and for the sake of my children and their children. Thankfully, being good stewards requires wisdom not necessarily breaking the bank.

Anyway...enough of a rant. :)

photo by Craig Jewell

In the spirit of "Earth Week" here are my No-Procrastination goals:
  • Rake up the last few leaves (yep, really procrastinated on that one)
  • Start a compost pile (using said leaves)
  • Research and order seeds for a fall garden (last fall, I searched multiple stores before I found any seeds and made the mistake of buying cheap clearance ones. They never even sprouted. This time I'm ordering good ones online to have ready to plant as soon as we come back home after the summer.)
  • Research homemade washable nursing pads (I've heard one's made from Merino wool are really good. Anyone tried them?)
Anyone want to join me?


Jia Le said...

I'll write my no procrastination post later - unless I procrastinate! =) But I just wanted to make sure you saw Passionate Homemaker's post on homemade nursing pads a week or so ago. I think she mentioned fabrics. I hardly used nursing pads, but things might be different with this kid.

(oh, and I totally agree about the trend of being 'green'. In Germany the demand for recycled paper was so high, they would send new paper straight from the factory to the recycling plant to meet the demands. How twisted is that?)

Vicki said...

I'm in! Today I need to get out spring clothes for the males at my house. I also have a wedding dress to make, I CAN'T procrastinate on that! But since those are both big projects, that's probably all I'll get done today.

Thanks for the "green" post. I do believe we need to be kind to the environment. We've been doing that for many years by using Shaklee products. But the "save the whales" and "kill the babies" just doesn't fly with me. God gave us dominion over the animals and told us children were a blessings. :)

A'yi said...

Well, I'll try to join in No Procrastination, but that is what I have been doing the last two days to get ready for scrapbooking today! I wish you could be here!

People get the most crazy ideas about "saving the earth." Sometimes they come up with good ideas, but usuaally they seem to be overdoing it. I enjoyed reading your rant.:) I could do the same thing, but I won't.

Anna said...

Jia Le--Wow! Recycling new paper?! That's crazy.

Passionate Homemaker's post got me interested in the idea. I just am not sure if the materials she used would be *enough*--if you know what I mean. ;)

Yes Vicki, save the whales" and "kill the babies" is so maddening. I'm all for saving the whales ---for dinner. ;)

I SO wish I could be there A'yi. I am making you a couple pages though.

Thanks so much for joining me for No Procrastination Wednesday! It's so fun getting projects done at the same time as friends!

Vicki said...

Well, I wasn't totally successful, but the wedding dress is almost done. I did get in a nice walk and my husband will have a shirt for tomorrow with short sleeves and the boys have shorts.

Anonymous said...

those are cute