Friday, April 3, 2009

Mullet Toss and Crawfish

After Spring Break, we kidnapped my sister Heidi and brought her back home with us for a week.

While she was here, the law school hosted a mullet toss and since it seemed like a rather unique opportunity, we decided to go.

For any Yanks who don't know what a mullet toss is, let me explain: since the coasts of Alabama and Florida lie adjacent to one another it has become a tradition for Alabamans to gather the incredibly common mullet, and, while standing on the Alabama side, toss the dead fish across the border into Florida. (c'mon, can you think of anything better to do with the fish?!)

Since their is no Floridan shore near here, the next best thing is to simply have a contest to see how far you can toss the slimy dead fish.

We arrived just in time for Joshua to enter the competition. After groping around in a large pail of rather smelly water, he grasped a nice fat mullet firmly in his hand and prepared for the toss.

But as he released the fish into the air, it slipped from his grip and flew past a row of shrieking girls and smacked into the pole of the canopy, splitting the poor fish in two. One half landed squarely in senior law student's cup of beer and the other splattered into his lap. As you can imagine, he wasn't too happy.

Ummm, yeah. Let me just say that this ended Joshua's brief career in mullet tossing.

We then decided to try something more refreshments. The menu? Crawdads.

I claimed the pregnancy excuse, but Joshua and Heidi dug right in. Even Rosalind enjoyed the tasty little critters.

Lest any friends who had contemplated coming to visit begin to think better of it, let me assure you that most of our time was not nearly so exciting and consisted mainly of playing outside with Rosalind, long walks, scrapbooking, talking, time with friends, movies and just hanging out. :)


Vicki said...

Ewww....a mullet toss??? That sounds disgusting, but very funny! Hope you have a wonderful time with Heidi. :)

A'yi said...

Wow! What interesting things you do way down south.:) I rather think I'd enjoy the "other" things you mentioned.:)

Anna said...

Yes, though quite the unique experience, I definitely preferred the "other things". :)