Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pretzel Time!

Yesterday Joshua reminded me that it has been nearly three weeks since I've posted and that "that's no way to run a blog!" He's right...

Omitting all excuses for why I haven't posted, let me simply say that the last few weeks haven't gone exactly as planned (not that they ever do!)

Knowing how excited I was to get up to Missouri, spend time with family and friends, and have our baby check-up and ultrasound, Joshua agreed to head up as soon as class was over on Thursday and get in early Friday morning.

We arrived around 3:00 am, but Rosalind was so thrilled to be out of the car and see Nonny and Poppy that she didn't calm down for over an hour. After a bit of rest she was up and ready to play... and make pretzels. All told, I think we made them four different times. They're yummy. ;)

Making pretzels at Joshua's family's with Hannah, Mac and Daniel (who didn't want his picture taken).

Having a wee bit too much fun...

Mac, hard at work :)

Over at my family's home, we made some more. :)

The girls: Rose, Heidi, Kathryn, Lydia, me and Bekka


Lydia said...

That was so much fun and yummy too.:)

Anna said...

Thanks for getting the pictures for me! You're awesome. :)

a'yi said...

Tell Josh, THANKS! I am so glad to finally have new pictues to look at! I was about to ask if you got lost in the zoo.:)

Anna said...

Lol--thankfully not! :) I'm going to *try* to be very consistent in blogging from now on...we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics.
Have a good day.