Monday, April 27, 2009

Makin' a List

Just two weeks left 'til Joshua's first year of law school is over. How quickly the time has flown by!

Once he's done, we'll be heading up to Missouri to spend the summer with family while Joshua works and volunteers. The plan is to have our son up there, so Rosalind and I won't be heading back home 'til our little family has grown.

And then it hit me... that means anything I want done here before William arrives needs to be finished now!

While I hope to tackle many of these things the next two "No Procrastination Wednesdays" there's plenty to keep me busy for the fortnight. Perhaps I'm being a bit ambitious, but posting the list will be a good motivation to work diligently on it. ;)

Early nesting:

  • Replace screen on front porch
  • Add shelves in kitchen(Don't need too! I was able to clear out enough space without them. :)
  • Thoroughly de-clutter the kitchen
  • Make curtains for the kitchen
  • Wash stroller thoroughly
  • Clear out unnecessary chemical cleaners
  • Fix bumper pads
  • Go through Rosalind's clothes to determine what she needs for next winter(if recovery this time is anything like after her birth, I will not want to be out shopping)
  • Make master list of favorite meals to help with menu planning upon return

Other projects:
  • Potty train Rosalind (she's still in a diaper for nap/night time, but that's something we can work on over the summer)
  • Completely clear out freezer and fridge
  • Order pictures
  • Make swimsuit cover for me
  • Find swimsuit for Rosalind (Thanks Candace!)
  • Make sunhat for Rosalind (Thanks again Candace!)
  • Make capris and shirt for Rosalind to finish out her summer wardrobe (the shirt's done, and her sweet Nonny already has a brown pair of capris waiting for her... so glad, 'cause I'm running out of time! :)
  • Get Kitchen Aid fixed
  • Record scriptures/catechism questions for Rosalind
  • Finish reading "Wars of the Jews" and "Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions"
  • Find a good natural bug spray for Rosalind that works (mosquitoes love her)

Preparing for return:
  • Get supplies for a fall garden ready (vermiculite, seeds, planters)
  • Iron all of Joshua's clothes
  • Stock up on paper goods, personal goods and non-perishable snack for Joshua


PanJiaLe said...

Wow! You are going to be busy. It was fun to see this post though because I was just writing up all my "To Dos" before the baby comes and I plan to post them sometime. I'm sure I'm still missing a few.

Hope you can get it all done and totally enjoy your time home with family.

(Oh, and if you run out of things to post about, I would be interested in hearing what methods/tricks you used to get Rosalind potty-trained. Hudson loves peeing in his "big boy potty" if his diaper is already off, but I don't know how to get him to the next step of letting me know when he needs to go - especially when he denies that he's just filled his diaper, naughty boy! Most mothers have been telling me to wait until after the baby is a little older to start training him so that I don't have to deal with a kid whose always needing help on the potty while being in the stages of constant nursing. I don't know what is wise or not, but I'm not really sweating it.)

Candace said...

I love lists! Please don't hesitate to ask for help!

Anna said...

Oh yay! I look forward to seeing your long as you don't have too many things on it that I forgot about and *must* add to mine. ;)

Like you said, "not sweating it" is the best idea. Rosalind was totally ready a couple months ago, but there was no way I was going to be spending hours in the bathroom while feeling like throwing up anyway. So we waited. But it might be fun to do a post on it sometime--it seems it's quite the potty training season and I keep on hearing such good ideas that I wished I would have known about before I started.

Thanks Candace--you're so sweet!