Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's been a good day...

Okay, okay. It isn't Wednesday anymore, but oh well! I finally got my list whittled down. :)

Last Friday when we went in for our doctor's visit, a sweet friend watched Rosalind (all day) for me. Yesterday, we swapped and her little girl came over for the morning. I just love "swapping babies" with other moms!

I didn't get much done on my list yesterday afternoon thanks to a nice long nap, but was able to conquer it today.

Our little compost can
After lots of research, I decided to go with a trash can composter. (Or as Rosalind call it, the "funny trash"). Not only does it contain the mess well, but keeps the animals out. It's amazingly easy to set up--- and cheap too! I'm excited to see how it works.

While picking up the trash can, I got a curtain rod. Finally. After eight months we have curtains in our living room. :) Yay!

Meanwhile, Rose has been doing her part to "go green"-- She's loving potty training and doing such a good job.


Anonymous said...

Your living room looks so pretty, Anna! Yeah for curtains :).

Way to go, Rosalind! Grandma is proud of you...aunt Kathryn will be, too!

We loved all your home-made cards, Anna. Lydia used one of the ideas yesterday :).

Love you, Mama

Anna said...

She is definitely proud of herself. Lots and lots of "yays!" going on here. It's so fun!

A'yi said...

I like your living room.:) Isn't it fun to get things finally finished?

Good for you, Rosalie! I'm sure Mama is very excited.:) Wah I nee! Tell Mama, and her too.:)

Nice grammer, huh?:} Oh well, writer's privilege.;)

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet pose, she is adorable.