Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Procrastination Wednesday : Kitchen Time

Perspective is everything, right?

After visiting the law school and deciding this was where we wanted to be, we had approximately three hours and forty three minutes to look for a new home.

We found a little place and signed a lease. It's small, but I love it...all except the cramped old kitchen. I hoped we would find the ideal home for next year, but being gone all summer and having a baby made moving quite impractical. Plus, any home that we looked at that was even comparable in size (much less bigger) was significantly more expensive.

Since we are staying, it is high time to make the kitchen a place I enjoy.

The biggest problem was how completely cramped it was. We squeezed the table in, but there was only room for one to sit. For breakfast, I'd sit on the washing machine and then for dinner we'd drag the highchair and all the plates, utensils and food into the living room. With a toddler, you can imagine how often I had to vacuum. ;)

So, I talked to the property manager about removing the dishwasher (which I've never once used--the washing machine took the water hook-up since it was definitely a higher priority) and to my surprise she happily agreed.
It makes for even less counter space, but I feel like royalty eating at the table again. Plus, now that the table is more accessible, it doubles as my new counter.

Why did I wait nine months to ask?? Rather than waiting another nine months to finish getting it the way I want, I'd say I better tackle it now!

To do:
  • Spray paint shelves and add them to the left of the stove
  • Clear out the spice cupboard and place spices on shelf
  • Reorganize and de-clutter cupboards to make room for KitchenAid (which was sitting on the dishwasher)
  • Make curtains (what is with me and curtains??)
  • Make matching napkins


A'yi said...

How wonderful to have more space in your kitchen! I'll tell you what, Anna, if you don't get to your curtains before you come up, bring the fabric, and we'll sew them together.:)

PanJiaLe (Staci) said...

Wow! It looks great. I love space - it just feels neater and cleaner and gives kids room to run around, so I am being very picky about what furnishings we buy to fill up our space. =) I'm glad you can finally sit down together for your meals and not always in the living room.

Anna said...

I'm quite tempted to take you up on that A'yi--it'd be so much more fun!

Me too! I can't believe how long it took me to ask. :)

A. Victoria said...

That is great! I love the list. Lists are wonderful, they make me feel like I have gotten a ton done. :)

natalie said...

Looks so much better! Yay! :-)

You shouldn't feel bad about the curtains... you're ahead of me. ;-) I JUST got curtains up in the living room and we've been here almost two years. AND I had to have little sister help to get them finished and hung! (Which definitely was more fun...) :-)

Glad2bHis said...

Wow! What a great idea to have the dishwasher removed! I like the new look!


Rebekka Hansen said...

How cute. Can't wait to see you.