Thursday, April 9, 2009

Procrastination update ;)

Lol....well, I didn't mean to procrastinate in getting this posted, but though I was thrilled to get my list whittled down yesterday, it ended up being a really busy day and by the time evening rolled around I was thoroughly exhausted.
  • drop off boxes at thrift store
  • make returns
  • order checks
  • fix the vacuum cleaner (the floor is begging)
  • tackle the mending
  • go through Joshua's summer clothes
  • organize under the kitchen sink (and get rid of all the cleaners I don't use!!)
I simply couldn't squeeze in time for the mending, but was really happy to get everything else crossed off the list... especially fixing the vacuum cleaner.

Before leaving for spring break, I was vacuuming out the car and accidentally sucked up a glove. Oops! I opened up the vacuum cleaner and couldn't find it and since it still worked, assumed that all must be okay. Not quite! A few days ago I began noticing that the vacuum simply wasn't working anymore. All it did was rearrange the dirt on the floor.

I was contemplating taking it over to the vacuum repair shop, but decided to take one more look. After taking the vacuum all apart, I discovered this...

our floors are happy once again. :)

I really loved the motivation to not procrastinate, and since there is always something that's easy to put off, I want to do this more often. How about next week?

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A'yi said...

Sounds like a good idea. I think I need to work on it everyday.:} Isn't it wonderful to have clean carpets?:)