Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Gift of Grandmothers

Much has been said about the importance of godly mothers in the training of children, but not nearly as much about godly grandmothers. But what a blessing they are and how much easier it makes said training when the grandmothers stand beside and support you!

"Spoiling the grand kids rotten" seems to be the ideal of many Western grandparents. While Rosalind has most certainly been spoiled by her two wonderful grandmas, I'm so grateful that it's been in a way that helps, not hinders her training.

Involved beyond the short term:

It's not uncommon for parents to welcome home their children after a weekend at the grandparent's only to find them loaded with candy, begging for more and more tv and running completely wild. As I overheard one grandma say, "I only have them for the weekend, so I might as well spoil them."

While a bit of candy (especially chocolate ;), or an occasional good movie are great, I'm so grateful that Rosalind's are involved beyond the short term and focus on making memories with her that surpass candy and popcorn.

And to have grandmas that actually reinforce the training received at home--that's so rare! But time and again they've encouraged her to "listen to Mama right away" or "run obey with a happy face".

A repertoire of wisdom:

Having both raised large family themselves, they have such wisdom to share with me. It's such a blessing to be able to call up when I need advice on what to do about her fever, help for some aspect of child-training or just plain encouragement. And even when I do things differently than they did, they are still so supportive.

Gifts, gifts, gifts:

Shortly before Rosalind was born I asked the grandparents if they'd mind not showering her with noisy flashy toys. (Since children generally make enough noise on their own! ;) I'd far rather have a few good quality toys that will last for many years than a room overflowing with cheap plastic ones.

Ahem...well, she's been showered with more than a few toys, but each gift has been so thoughtful and well-loved. From the cutest baby quilt ever to the sweet dollies (and stroller!), beautiful books, and well-loved train they've helped make her room a little girl's haven or provided countless hours of creative fun.

Oh and the clothes!!! Between hand-me-downs and surprise packages in the mail, I've hardly had to buy a thing for Rosalind.

Thank you! While Rose certainly has been spoiled, it's been in the best possible way. Grandma and Nonnie--you are such an incredible blessing! Thanks for being such wonderful Mothers and Grandmothers.

And thanks to all the other godly grandmothers as well. We need far more like you!

Since Rosalind can't give you the pretty "flowers" she picked (with the stems!!), she at least wanted you to see a picture of them.

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Anonymous said...

That is so adorable of her smelling the flowers. I love her expression in the last picture:).

A'yi said...

What sweet pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to all those grandmas out there! I just happen to be blessed to be one of Rosalind's! :) What adorable pictures!! I'd love a copy of each of those. Thanks for the encouragement, Anna, and I'll try to live up to that :).

We're counting down the days!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, and thanks, sweet Rose, for the lovely flowers! Maybe you can pick some with Kathryn while you're here! We can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...


Sorry it is SOO late . I f you even red it.