Thursday, May 14, 2009

An Insulting Burglary

While beginning the task of packing for the summer, I started to worry about leaving our home for such a long time. What if someone breaks in while we're gone? I quickly realized however, that there wouldn't be much to tempt a burglar. We don't have a flat screen tv, any consoles or video games, antique collections or ipods and we've experienced first hand a burglar's opinion of our musical tastes.

The laptops, my two pieces of expensive jewelry and the scrapbooks are coming with us. Scrapbooks are on the most stolen list, right?

Hmmmm... maybe I shouldn't worry. ;)

burglar hand printUntil a year and a half ago, we hardly gave burglars a second thought. Then on Christmas Eve when we went to get in the car for a morning service, the passenger door was slightly ajar. Looking inside, the seats were covered in papers from the glove box and a gaping whole replaced the car stereo. Not exactly the best Christmas present--for us at least.

To make it even worse, we noticed that the burglar had rummaged through the cds in the car. But as we put them all back it was clear that not a single one had been stolen. How insulting! What's wrong with Gilbert & Sullivan, Ray Vaughn William's orchestral arrangments or operas, pray tell?

After that, we religiously locked our car...until one night two weeks later. And once again we had a visit. Apparently, the burglar was looking for the remote. He didn't find it. Rosalind had claimed it as her own personal phone and hardly parted from it for months.

Nothing seemed to be stolen, but when we got to church and reached for the box of Altoids, we realized we hadn't escaped unscathed. He stole our Altoids. Of all the nerve!

Moral of the story: Buy Altoids, but lock your car doors.

Note to would-be burglars: We're even taking the Altoids with us. Sorry! Interested in Constitutional Law? We are leaving a few textbooks.

photo by Penny Mathews


A'yi said...

Oh, Anna! I had to laugh again at that story! It is just so funny to think of what someone wanted.:} Or didn't want.:)

Candace said...

Oh Anna, this is so funny. The year before I married Zac and lived in the inner city with my roomate our house was burglarized when we went out to see "Finding Nemo". They took a few valuables, but of all the nerve - they took a jug of juice (kook-aid) out of the fridge!!!

Anna said...

Wow--I think that beats the Altoids Candace. :)

robearsgirl said...

That IS insulting! I'm glad that's all they took, though, and that it was your car, NOT your house :)

Our first house was burglarized a week and a half after we moved in. In addition to taking our expensive tool sets and a few other valuables, they took our OLD TV set, a crock-pot, and my husband's 10-year-old, WORN-OUT basketball shoes that we were temporarily using as a doorstop!!! He was seriously insulted that they'd take his basketball shoes. The sides were even blown-out they were so old! LOL!

Since we'd just moved in, we still had alot of stuff in boxes, and I kid you not, they LEFT a huge box FULL of DVDs and took the $20 Wal-Mart special boom-box that was sitting on the floor next to it!

You just never know what burglars are thinking! ;)

incusblack said...