Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scripture Memory

One of my goals for this year was to spend more time memorizing. Or rather, to start memorizing Scripture again.

Especially with another little one on the way, I've realized the importance of this goal. Life with two children will certainly pick up speed and having Scriptures to meditate on at two in the morning will be such a blessing. :)

Before Rosalind was born, when life seemed to have less interruptions, it was easier for me to find time to memorize. But for the last couple years, I really struggled making it a priority.

As I've started to memorize again, there are several things that I have found really helpful.
  • Set a reasonable goal: rather than starting out the year intent on memorizing a verse a day, only to give up in despair by the end of the month, pick something that will be challenging but very realistic, taking into account the unexpected twists and turns of life.
  • Write it out: whether in calligraphy to hang on the wall or on a scrap of paper, writing it down makes it much easier to remember.
  • Use the odd moments: waiting to get the oil changed or rocking the little one to sleep, there are so many times throughout the day that can be snatched and used.
  • Be accountable: even with all the busyness of law school and finals, my dear husband offered to memorize with me. Not only does it make it much more fun, but memorizing with a friend is certainly good motivation.
  • Remembering why: Right after the first of the year, the nausea and extreme exhaustion of early pregnancy hit and for the next two and a half months I only memorized the first four verses of Hebrews. But what wonderful verses they are! Really, you could spend a whole year thinking about just those four verses. And that of course is the goal, not to cross a chapter off the list, but to have Scriptures to ponder.
What have you found helpful for Scripture memory?

photo by H Dominique Abed

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Brandy said...

Great reminder and great tips. Thanks Anna!