Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Procrastination update ;)

My procrastination projects turned into a week long affair with one project leading to another. First on the list was to tackle the cupboards and counters: my goal being to clear everything off my little counter but the coffee maker.

My little helper

Even with the limited cupboard space, I was able to clear out a decent pile of stuff that I didn't use often enough to warrant keeping, creating plenty of room for the displaced Kitchenaid. Then, to my delight, a thorough rearrangement of the spice cupboard created space for the spice rack.

Above the stove is much more practical than by the sink

...which means I don't need extra shelves added. This is great since I'd either have to disturb Joshua's study time right before finals to have him cut and install them for me or end up in the ER with a missing finger when I attempted to use the saw myself.

After getting the kitchen de-cluttered, we headed over to Candace's house for a "scrapbooking morning"; which turned into an impromptu sewing party instead. She had the cutest pattern for a girl's sunhat which she let me use (as well as her material and sewing machine since I hadn't planned on sewing). It was so fun to finally sew something for my little princess! Thanks Candace!

Modeling her new hat... and my Crocs

On the way home we stopped to pick up material for curtains and napkins, but arrived home empty-handed. Maybe I'll just make the shirt for Rose instead, I thought. After getting things cut I went searching for interfacing. Where was that box of sewing stuff? Oh yeah...buried in a box behind the couch. After pulling it out I realized that I actually had material in the box too. But in a box behind the couch is rather hard to get to. So I reorganized the hall closet to make room...

better than behind the couch, methinks!

...while organizing the material, I found a bit of fabric that would work great for napkins...

...never mind the fact that there was only enough for two!

Then back to sewing for Rosalind. I've really enjoyed getting to sew something for her at last, but it sure has taken me longer to finish.

I still haven't made curtains, but just love my "new counter".

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Brandy said...

What a cute and tidy kitchen :0)

PanJiaLe (Staci) said...

I enjoyed your post. So often I remind myself of my mother... going to wash dishes, but realizing the sink needs to be scrubbed. Getting the scrub brush, and noticing the cupboards have food streaks down them. Wiping up the food streaks and noticing that there is dirt between the counter and stove. Trying to sweep out that little space.... and so the dishes don't get washed till later.

Your counter looks great! I love having space to work on.

And the sunhat is adorable. =)

A'yi said...

How nice to have counter space! Mom said "good for her" when I told her.:) Glad you found that you could do without those shelves.:) Oh, and that first picture looks just like Rose's Aunt Kathryn.:)

Glad2bHis said...

Wow! That picture of Rosalind in the sunhat and crocs is priceless!

shopannies said...

love all your ideas easy reach
and the little one is darling

Buffie said...

Your kitchen looks so nice and tidy now. I love it.
My sewing stuff doesn't seem to have a home right now either. I need to clear out a place for it. Right now its on a chair in the dining room. Not exactly the best place.

Brilliant Moms said...

You are so busy, but what a day filled with brilliant, beautiful projects.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anna that really is so cute!

It is funny, I am leaving a comment and you are at our house =)