Friday, May 22, 2009


As soon as we finished our Doctor's appointment last Friday (update coming soon), we loaded up the car to head to Missouri for the summer. Somehow Joshua fit all our summer necessities, a big box full of law books, the printer, laptops and scrapbooking stuff in our little Honda Civic. I was quite impressed!
wooden train ride

It has been wonderful getting to spend time with our families again... and escape the sweltering southern summer! Now we are all settled in to Joshua's parent's lovely guest bedroom and are adjusting to life away from home... the challenge being to maintain some structure and family time when it's just too fun getting to play with all her aunts and uncles.

After a week the camera finally managed to make its way out of the case for a few pictures:

School time with Uncle Mac
Mac was busy doing school, so Rose pulled up a chair and joined him

Time to feed the pigs
Going to look at the pigs with Daniel

It's going to be like having big brothers (and sisters) for the summer. She's loving it!


A. Victoria said...

That is great!!! I am so glad you are in Missouri now. :)

Jia Le said...

How fun! We had friends over for dinner with slightly older kids yesterday. I think Hudson has developmental booms every time he hangs out with older kids. Rose is going to grow up so fast in that environment.

I hope it is a wonderful, relaxing time for your family.

A'yi said...

How fun! I'm glad you are all "settled" in.:) Now we just have to get together:) sometime.:)
By the way, I love those pictures.:)